Using the sun’s energy to heat water is not a new technology, however the way solar panels look is. Solar panels can meet up to approximately 60% of a home’s domestic hot water needs, whilst also being an environmentally sound way to significantly reduce your energy bills.

We install systems that use the sun’s energy to heat domestic hot water from solar panels generally mounted on a roof.

Most modern solar water panels can mount flush with a home’s roof and resemble skylights so can look quite discreet, or attach to an existing roof surface. They come in a variety of configurations, usually mounted portrait or landscape in pairs. The geographic location, system design, collector orientation and collector size will determine how much energy can be provided for your individual domestic hot water needs.

  • We are Genersys accredited Solar installers.
  • We are Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump accredited installers.
  • We have qualified staff who can carry out alterations and adaptations of existing systems.

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